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I’m Back & Perfect Date Night Outfit

I hope everyone has had a great summer! Mine has been busy but I’ve enjoyed every second of it! A lot has been going on with me in my personal life and it was best for me to take some time off of blogging. Be on the lookout for a Wine Wednesday (new series coming up) …

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Style Diary: June 13th 2017

The Golden State Warriors are champions again!  I can’t put into words how happy I am that the Warriors was able to beat the Cavs! I’m a huge Steph Curry fan, I mean who isn’t! Since his days at Davidson, I’ve been a fan and his story is amazing. I’m also obsessed with his whole family! Ayesha …


Best Swimsuits of 2017

With the recent uproar about the red swimsuit taking over Instagram, I figured it was appropriate to show you some other awesome swimsuits that you can rock this summer. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, Swimsuit company Sunny Co. Clothing made an offer on Wednesday (5.3.17) to send anyone a free bathing suit (not …