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Style Diary: June 13th 2017

The Golden State Warriors are champions again! 

I can’t put into words how happy I am that the Warriors was able to beat the Cavs! I’m a huge Steph Curry fan, I mean who isn’t! Since his days at Davidson, I’ve been a fan and his story is amazing. I’m also obsessed with his whole family! Ayesha is a gift from God and her cooking is amazing! I totally recommend checking out her cookbook! I’ll leave a link down below for you to check it out! Only on a day like today am I able to pull off this outfit!

Only the day after your team wins a championship is it appropriate to really rock the look right? 

I am a huge fan of bodysuits so I knew when I saw this one that I had to have it! It’s really rare to find Golden State Warriors stuff here in Colorado, so I was super pumped when I was able to pick this up. It adds a little bit of an edge to any look and I love that it’s sleeveless, perfect for summer!  The body suit is from Forever21 and was super inexpensive. It was part of their limited edition NBA collection so I don’t think you can buy it anymore. I paired this with some blacked ripped jeans from Hollister and then some black suede ankle booties from DSW.Super easy and a sexy look, if you’re a basketball fan!

You can check out Ayesha’s Cookbook here:

Let me know in the comments below if you’re a basketball fan and who your favorite team is!