Style Diary: August 25th 2017

It’s hard to believe that the school year has begun and fall is right around the corner! I love the warm summer days but the fall colors have my heart.

This outfit is perfect for the days when it’s still 80+ but also for incorporating those fall colors!

This skirt is really comfortable and sits perfectly on your hip bones! I would recommend going a size up if you can because the skirt is a little short, I wish I would have. So glad that the zipper on the skirt is real, a huge pet peeve of mine is fake pocket (whats the point!) and fake zippers!
These shoes are going to be a statement piece for the fall. They are edgy yet adorable! I will say, that the top of the toe area does rub a little so be aware of that.

A trick I like to do for open toe shoes so that it doesn’t rub is to take some thick double sided sticky tape and put it right on the toe. Leave the tape cover on the side that will go on your toe so it doesn’t stick (obviously) but then you should be good to go!

This outfit is super easy to just throw on and go out the door but you look like you spent a lot of time putting it together! It’s trendy but comfortable and that’s what matters!

Outfit Details:
Black T-Shirt – H&M
Zipper Suede Skirt – H&M (Similar)
Booties – Payless (Similar)

Let me know what some of your favorite trendy have been or what you’re looking forward to most about fall!



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