Nice To Meet You, My Name’s Rachel

Hi there-

My name is Rachel and I am a 21-year-old who is trying to figure out life in Colorado. I’m currently a senior in college who is an aspiring sports broadcaster.

I grew up in Denver, Colorado and have an incredible family. They are supportive of everything thing I do. I really could never thank them enough.

I also have an amazing group of friends. Many of which you will meet throughout this journey.
My one-year-old niece is my pride and joy and I do a lot of what I do because of her.

I’m lucky enough to be able to live out my dream and have taken lots of steps to ensure (I hope) my success of making into the sports broadcasting world. I am the On-Court host for the Colorado State Men’s/Women’s Basketball teams. I am an intern for FOX31 in Denver and a GALvanize reporter.

I am not perfect and have made mistakes. I have dealt with breakups, issues with friends and family and even struggled in school. But I have learned so much and I hope to share my stories (and advice) with you.

My passions in life range from beauty and fashion to sports to fitness.  I love to travel and I work hard. This blog will be about my life and the steps I take every day to be who I am.

I hope you follow along with me on this journey.