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May Favorites 2017

I can’t believe that it is already June! Where has the time gone!

May was a very good month for me. I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends this last month. Everyone knows how important it is to spend time with your friends during a breakup and that’s exactly what I did. Luckily Colorado has a great night life so we’ve been able to go out a lot.
I completed my second to last semester of college, ever, which is crazy to me! With the school year ending, it also meant that people were graduating! My cousin and roommate both graduated, one from high school and one from college. So proud of both of them.
My dad ran his first 10K after suffering two heart attacks in the last year. I was able to document that and my work produced a package (broadcasting term) on it. I’ll leave the link down below! I’m so proud of him for everything he accomplished in the last year! I started my new job with a local tv station and so far have been loving it! I feel so blessed to be able to live out my dream.

I had quite a few May favorites this month and I have to admit, I’m loving all the new trends for this summer!
Plain T-shirts have been a favorite of mine this spring.

I don’t think there’s anything cuter than throwing on a scoop neck or V-neck t-shirt with some shorts and jeans. It’s simple but adorable.

Button up stripe shirts have been making a comeback this spring/summer.

Stars like RiRi have been seen rocking this look. Bad girl RiRis style is always on point, so you know this is in style. I recently picked up a white and blue version at Target and then a black and white one (like what Rihanna is wearing) at H&M.

With men rompers coming into style (still don’t quite understand it), rompers have been a favorite of mine this month.

There’s honestly nothing better than looking like you put a whole bunch of work into getting ready in the morning but still being able to sit criss-cross applesauce (there’s honestly nothing better than looking like you put a whole bunch of work into getting ready in the morning but still being able to sit criss-cross applesauce ( throwback to first grade anyone?). This one from H&M is super casual but cute!

My last fashion favorite this month has to be the Lingerie as a shirt.

I am obsessed with the Kardashians and how easily they pull off the look. Khloe is obviously slaying the game with it. I mean seriously, how gorgeous does she look. She’s even rocking it with sweatpants and I’m obsessed. Some may think it’s slutty but I think if you have the confidence to rock it. Then do it! Show off your body! You’ve worked hard for it!

I only have one beauty favorite for this month and it’s the Revlon PhotoReady AirBrush Effect Foundation.

This stuff really does have an airbrushed effect to it. It’s perfect for days that I need medium to full coverage foundation. I love that it also has SPF 20! Perfect for the summer months!

Also a quick shout out to remember to use an SPF moisturizer!  

Our skin is so sensitive and important and you want to keep it as hydrated as possible! I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with sunscreen (SPF 35). It’s super inexpensive and worth every penny!

My music favorites this month have been:
Despacito (of course) – Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber
The Fighter – Carrie Underwood & Keith Urban
Lucky Me – Chris Brown (Oldie but a goodie)
Congratulations – Post Malone
Hurricane – Luke Combs
In The Name Of Love – Kiana Meradith (Cover)
It’s so good guys! Definitely, check her out!

I hope you guys had a great May and have some fun things planned for June! Let me know in the comments below what you’re doing this month!

Here’s my dads video on his BolderBoulder experience! Thank you to everyone for the love and support!

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  1. men wearing rompers has be properly confused!? I can’t see my hubby going for that – thankfully! I also love a simply tee and jeans – it is a classic look.

  2. Great post! My favorite part is knowing that your father is doing great! You must feel so blessed and proud of him. On the fashion note, I agree with you on the lingerie addition to your style. I have always loves lace and sheer tops, just now there are so many options. Keep up the good work!

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