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Life In The Newsroom: June 24th, 2017

Being a reporter, I get to do a ton of really unique things. I meet different people every day, hear different stories and get to showcase this story to millions of people. From conducting interviews to editing, reporters put together the whole piece.

I recently was able to sit down with members of the CSU volleyball team. The girls just got back from a trip to Europe and we’re kind enough to tell me about their experience.

Over my last four years, I’ve gathered a few tips that I thought I would pass on to you!

First things first, as a woman reporter, you should know how hard it is to walk around in heels and still carry equipment.

It’s not easy but always be able to carry your own stuff. It’s important. I almost always wear heels but I make sure that I choose heels that I know I can walk in, as well as carry my tripod, camera bag, and lighting kit.

Tip #1: Wear heels that you know you can carry your equipment with.

Don’t ever feel bad for having to make multiple trips either! It’s a lot of stuff and you don’t want to damage anything or fall down and hurt yourself on the job!

My favorite part of my job is conducting interviews! I love hearing people’s stories!

Tip #2: Make sure that you do your research on each individual.

In the sports world, we deal with a lot of PR people, who are really great and scheduling and informing you of who you will be sitting down with.

Tip #3: Have fun talking with people. Make it more of a conversation and less of an interview. 

More often than not, people get nervous once you turn on the camera.

Keep them talking about their normal day and slowly go into the interview. This is something that FOX Reporter Laura Okmin taught me and it’s worked for me! You can get a more genuine side of people when they don’t think that they’re being recorded.

My overall piece on the Volleyball team turned out really well and you can check out the whole thing here:

Unfortunately, the embed feature on this video doesn’t work so I can’t link the video in this post! I’m trying to get this fixed!

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the piece! Any other questions about being a reporter? Let me know!