I Messed Up…

Reporters have a ton on their plate, from dealing with PR people, equipment and handling the story, a lot is going on!

Now as a new reporter, even more, is going on in your head. I’ve been in this industry for a little while now, (3 years & most of the time I was still learning) but I’ve never messed up this bad.
I’ve had a few ugly packages, where the lighting was off or the sound wasn’t on for an interview but usually, you can find a way to fix it.
But my biggest “oh-no” moment happened to me last week. I lost my SD card with all my interviews on it for a story that was due Monday (today.)

Never in my entire life had I been so embarrassed to call up a PR guy and tell him that I had lost everything. Now, I honestly don’t know what happened, I’m guessing it fell out of my pocket when I pulled out my phone but I still haven’t been able to find it.

Now, you may be thinking, that’s not too bad just redo it. Well, it’s not that easy, athletes have hectic schedules already and to make three individuals have to come back and tell me the same answers isn’t always doable.

So I decided to come up with some tips so that this doesn’t ever happen to you.

  1. Buy an SD card carrying case
    You can find these on Amazon for like $15 dollars and they are a lifesaver! You keep all of your SD cards in there. If you’re a journalist or involved with video whats-so-ever then you know how easy it is to misplace a memory card. I’ve misplaced many but never officially lost one.
  2. Automatically take the card out of the camera & put it in your carrying case! 
    If I had done this, this entire dilemma would have been avoided. It’s easy when you’re done shooting, take the card out of the camera and just put it back where it belongs!
  3. Be honest! 
    Everyone messes up but be honest with your boss, public relations official and even the interviewees. People will be looking for the story so don’t get caught up in a lie.
  4. Learn from your mistakes!
    I’ve learned so much from this one incident that I know I will always make sure to put my SD card back where it belongs and do it immediately following a shoot. I never want to have to call a PR guy again and explain that I messed up and wasted all their time.

I have proof that the story was supposed to happen. See!
This story was going to be on the Colorado State turnover belt! The football team awards this belt to whoever earned the most turnovers that week, whether it was a pick, a fumble recovery, etc. It was a really cool story and I appreciated DB Jamal Hicks letting me hold the belt! (Its a heavy belt too LOL)

I hope if you’re a new journalist that you will invest in an SD carrying case and never have this problem!

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