Hi, I’m Ashlie!

Hello there!

I am Ashlie, a 21 year old with big dreams and a passion for fitness.

I am currently a junior at Colorado State University studying psychology with a concentration in clinical and counseling. I have a passion for learning about people and how to help them in effective ways. I hope to one day go to graduate school and get my masters.

Rachel and I have been best friends since we were in 1st grade, and we have always wanted to share our passions with people. We started a YouTube channel in 8th grade, and have gone through many stages until we got here. We still have a YouTube channel, RachelandAshlie. Now, she is diving in to the blogging world and I have started my own fitness YouTube channel, AshlieHelgeland. We love being a part of each other’s passions, so I will be doing Fitness Friday’s here on her blog.

I am excited about this part of our journey, and I have so many tips and ideas to share with you guys. Get ready, Fitness Friday’s will begin in full force next week!

Love, Ash