Happy National Chocolate Milk Day & Typical Breakfast

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Its a cold and gloomy day here in Colorado, which makes for the perfect lazy Netflix morning (until I have class). Did anyone watch This Is Us last night? I about died at the ending. Hands down the best show on television right now! Let me know in the comments below what you thought about it!

September 27th is considered National Chocolate Milk Day, and yes, I am very excited about this! Some of my favorite memories as a kid were going to the grocery store and picking up a bottle of Nesquick chocolate milk! Still to this day, my all-time favorite chocolate milk!


Milk is so important for keeping your bones nice and strong! The only problem is, I don’t like regular milk, whoops, so chocolate milk is the perfect substitution! Chocolate milk is great post workout for a little pick-me-up but its also great in the morning for breakfast! Its quick energy that will get you out the door!

On a typical morning, I eat eggs and some type of carb, whether it’s potatoes or my recent favorite is oatmeal. Since it’s getting colder in the mornings, a warm maple and brown sugar oatmeal is delicious. Some days I even add a little extra brown sugar into my oatmeal but that’s just a secret between us ;).

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week & go out and get yourself some chocolate milk today!


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  1. I haven’t had chocolate milk in ages! When I was a kid, we would make it by pouring chocolate syrup into regular milk and stirring, so good! I don’t like to drink milk on its own either, but it’s great in cereal!

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